After six years of research and discussion, Holísticos has recently produced a book that highlights, out of the approximately 1,000 species, those it considers to be the 50 most special birds in Angola, either for their endemism, restricted distribution, rarity or for their beauty. This work has texts by Pedro Vaz Pinto and engravings by Fernando Hugo Fernandes and the preface is signed by His Excellency Bornito de Sousa, Vice President of the Republic of Angola. With this publication we hope to celebrate the diversity of Angola's birdlife with dignity.

For each species, its degree of endemism is mentioned, whenever justified, and its global conservation status according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is also highlighted. A complementary text was also prepared for each bird in which their habits and ecology are summarized, and some clues are provided that can help the reader in their identification in the wild and to distinguish it from some similar species that occur in Angola. Finally, for each bird, one or more places in Angola are referred to as considered suitable for their observation in nature. The proceeds from the sale of this publication accrue to the non-governmental organization Fundação Kissama.