Holísticos is a consulting company founded in 2006 with the aim of providing services with quality and excellence in the area of ​​environmental consultancy for projects that are in the planning, implementation, operation and / or abandonment phase. Holísticos' service portfolio mainly focuses on the development of environmental impact studies, environmental audits and environmental monitoring campaigns.

Holísticos also develops a set of environmental plans (waste management plans, environmental landscape recovery plans, environmental management plans) and environmental progress and performance reports.

In recent years, Holísticos has adapted to the constant and challenging changes in the domestic market resulting from the process of economic diversification and the emergence of new business opportunities. This adaptation has allowed Holísticos to grow in a safe and sustainable way, with the main focus on the satisfaction of its customers, the professional development of its employees and on supporting projects assuring their compliance, both with national legislation and with international standards.

Since its founding 14 years ago, Holísticos has developed more than 600 projects and provided environmental consulting services to more than 250 entities. To date, the activities carried out have covered the entire national territory and also a large part of Angola's offshore.