Following the publication of the new Law on Environmental Conservation Areas (Law No. 8/20 of 16 April), Holísticos organized a meeting on 20 May 2020, through the online platform Zoom, which had as aims to present and interpret this new diploma, giving equal opportunity to all participants to ask their questions, as well a space to discuss aspects related to its practical application in the national context.

This virtual meeting had the moderation and presentation of Vladimir Russo, representing Holísticos, and the participation of approximately 30 people, including independent consultants, environmental consulting companies, biologists, among others. The main aspects addressed were related to the need for public consultation to approve legal diplomas in the environmental sector, greater access to research reports carried out and the development of ethical procedures for the research of and work with the communities. It was also recommended to define the contents of the scientific reports for the creation of new conservation areas, as well as terms of reference for the management and investment instruments for training management technicians in these areas.